Friday, March 9, 2012

Free Apps

Have you tried using different photo editors but it feels like it's so complicated? Well, I just want to share to you guys some of the applications I am using for editing photos on my mobile phone. Here are some of my favorites from android market and it's free! I'm not sure if some of these applications are also available on iphone. Anyway, it's free and who doesn't want free apps on their android phone? :)

1. Picplz

 It's similar to instagram. It's a fun and easy way to edit and upload your photo. The only thing is you need to connect to the internet while using it.

2. Dramapic

 Have different filters, borders and labels. Easy to use and share photos.

3. Streamzoo

You earn points for ever photos that are being liked and you can unlock badges for pro features.

You can choose 5 different cameras. The feel is like you're using the actual camera, my only problem with this is the view finder it is kinda small for me. But anyhow, I like the retro feel and the overall performance.

5. Pixlr-o-matic

It has a lot of filters, borders and effects. It's easy to use and share photos.

So what's your favorite apps? Don't forget to take lots of photos and enjoy the weekend! :)

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